Turning Blogging Into a Business

The people who say journalism is dying need to read Entrepreneurial Journalism by Mark Briggs. Briggs’ book proves that journalism is not dying – it is transforming. Before the Internet, audiences and advertisers turned to local news and media outlets because it was the only way to get information. Therefore, local news and media outlets profited from setting pricing standards. But the Internet disrupted the traditional system, opening the door for innovative citizen journalists who understood how to attract an online audience.


CC photo courtesy of Mick Baker on Flickr. The image has not been modified from its original version.

This book speaks to me not only because it describes how journalists can be successful in today’s digital world, but also because the entrepreneurial strategies it suggests can be applied to any business startup. To succeed as an entrepreneur, I learned that people must develop creative ideas that are different than anything else on the market. The Huffington Post, for instance, is unique because it is less conservative than other websites on the Internet. Being ethical and setting goals also is essential to becoming an effective entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship appeals to me because it is an opportunity to be my own boss, and make money doing something I love. It also is a way to provide an original product or service to consumers.

Despite these obvious advantages of entrepreneurship, I still am not 100 percent convinced that it is right for me. Entrepreneurship scares me for a number of reasons. First, I am very conservative with my money. I cringed when I read that Mike Orren, former publisher of Texas Lawyer magazine, went 22 months without a salary to pursue his desire to launch an online local news site (Briggs 2). Entrepreneurship also is risky and time-consuming. For example, Rafat Ali wrote for his paidContent blog 24/7, without any assurance that his hard work would pay off (Briggs 25).

As I continue to read this book, I hope that my fears subside so I can fully embrace entrepreneurship.


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