Uncovering Ways to Improve My Klout Score


CC photo courtesy of Garrett Heath on Flickr. This image has not been modified from its original.

Earlier this week, I checked how Klout ranked my overall social media influence on a 1 to 100 scale. Upon signing into the site using Twitter, I was immediately embarrassed by the shockingly low number that appeared below my name. My number, 22, made me realize that I need to enhance my social media presence. But why was my score so low? To find out, I decided look at my social media sites from an outsider’s perspective.

I devote a substantial amount time to social media daily, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that my sites don’t portray that. That’s because I spend most of my time reading tweets, or looking at Instagram photos, rather than posting my own content. Outsiders may misconstrue my lack of original content as an indication that I don’t know how to use social media, but that’s not the case. I want potential employers to look at my sites and feel confident entrusting their social media efforts to me. Although I have more than 100 followers on Twitter and about 50 connections on LinkedIn, I still think there is room to expand my social media outreach.

In addition to looking at my social media sites, I also typed my name into Google. Overall, I was happy with the search results. If someone searched for me, they would see that I wrote for the Creightonian, I’m secretary and treasurer of PRSSA and I’m consistently on the dean’s list. This proves that I am dedicated to my craft.

In order to build my personal brand and establish a professional identity, I plan to follow Ayelet Noff’s five tips to improve my Klout score. This includes being more active across my social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+, and fostering online relationships. I invite you to follow me and provide your feedback as I embark on this journey.


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