Coca-Cola Unveils its ‘Social Media Guard’

Do you find yourself spending too much time on social media? If you answered yes, then Coca-Cola has a solution for you. The soda company last week published a video on its YouTube channel to unveil its new product: the Social Media Guard. Coca-Cola claims that its cone-shaped Social Media Guard “takes the social out of media and puts it back into your life.”

Although the product itself is slightly ridiculous, the commercial definitely strikes a chord. The actors in the video are so absorbed in social media that they lose sight of what’s really important. The kids, for example, are watching cat videos rather than playing with their own. These types of things actually are happening in today’s digital society. Some people are so addicted to technology that they can’t even resist the urge to text while driving.

With that being said, Coca-Cola’s commercial is not meant to downplay all of the wonderful things social media and technology have done for our society (see Microsoft’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial), but rather to encourage people to put down their phones and live in the moment. If we are always connected, then are we fully experiencing life? The answer is no. There comes a point when social media stops adding value to our lives, and starts becoming our lives.

So next time you feel inclined to poke someone, do it in person instead of Facebook.

What do you think about Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard commercial? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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