Entrepreneurial Media Gets RDQLUS

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.42.07 AM

RDQLUS CREATIVE’s logo, as featured on the company’s website. This image has not been modified from its original.

After gaining experience in startup and corporate settings, Steve Gordon decided to test the waters of entrepreneurship. Putting his passion for design to use, Gordon launched RDQLUS CREATIVE, an Omaha company that specializes in the creation and elevation of brands. Gordon always wears clothes he designed himself, sending a positive message to entrepreneurs everywhere about believing in your company.

Gordon’s uplifting, hilarious personality cannot be read from a blog. He appointed me to his entourage because I laughed at all of his jokes:

En-tou-rage [ahn-too-rahzh] noun 1. A group of students who sit in the front row and laugh at every hilarious thing Steve Gordon says.

Gordon not only has an infectious personality, but also he has great advice. Following are my two favorite pieces of advice that he gave:

  • Live big.
  • Go after what you want.

Live big. Those two powerful words remind me that I need to get out and experience the world – not just live in it. Gordon said his design inspiration comes from living a full life. As someone who relies heavily on the computer for ideas, I was impressed by Gordon’s approach. Instead of trying to force creativity, which always turns into a huge timesuck anyway, I will try to let ideas come naturally.

When my classmate asked Gordon how to stand out from other job applicants, he replied: Go after what you want. The harsh reality is there are hundreds of soon-to-be graduate design students in Omaha. That means, unless they are willing to relocate, those students all will be competing for the same jobs. According to Gordon, the people who land jobs aren’t necessarily the ones with the fanciest portfolios – they are the ones who chase their dreams.

Almost a week has passed, and I still remember everything Gordon said. His larger-than-life personality and words of wisdom have left a lasting impression on me.


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