A World of Opportunities

Many people don’t know that, when I came to Creighton, I was enrolled in the College of Business. I thought, for sure, I wanted to study marketing. However, after talking to Dr. Wirth sophomore year, I transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences and declared public relations as my primary major. Although the two fields are very similar, marketing still holds a special place in my heart. With that said, you can imagine my excitement when journalism alum Danny Schreiber visited my social media class to chat about content marketing.

During his one-hour presentation, Danny discussed the seven content marketing strategies his company, Zapier, uses. Among all of the strategies he mentioned, the one that stuck out to me was: Repost popular content. I have noticed several reputable companies that do this. For example, Forbes promoted its Top 100 Inspirational Quotes article about six times on Twitter April 4.



The news organization also reposted a link to its How To Ace The 50 Most Common Interview Questions article a couple days after its original post.



This marketing strategy makes perfect sense. Think about it: People use social media at different times of the day. Therefore, by reposting content, businesses can reach people whom it didn’t reach the first time around.

Aside from reposting content, Danny also discussed the importance of extensively measuring the results of the content you produce. By analyzing unique views and conversions to signups, businesses can determine what’s working and what’s not.

With the popularity of social media, I was surprised when Danny said email is Zapier’s most valuable channel to consumers. Rather than relying on other people to share its content via social media, email allows Zapier to communicate directly to consumers. It also is easier to measure the click-through rate, or the number of people who access the company’s website through the email.

Having worked closely with both the content and marketing teams at my internship last summer, I could identify with what Danny was talking about. His presentation made me excited about the opportunities for journalism students in the content marketing world.


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