Entrepreneurial Media: Takeaways and Pitfalls

Whether I was delivering an elevator pitch or listening to speakers talk about their entrepreneurial endeavors, I had my fair share of adventures in entrepreneurial media class.

Throughout the semester, I have gained a deep sense of appreciation for entrepreneurs. I have experienced firsthand how challenging it is not only to come up with a unique idea, but also to find a way to turn that idea into a sustainable business. In order to succeed, I learned that entrepreneurs must be extremely passionate about their idea. Maddie and I were passionate about our app idea from day one, and I think that’s why were able to push through the challenges and have fun with it.


Madison Bendorf (left) and I celebrate after finishing our business plan presentation, which we probably enjoyed a little too much.

My biggest takeaways from this class include:

  • Receiving advice from speakers: With graduation right around the corner, I enjoyed hearing advice the speakers had to offer. Steve Gordon, founder of RDQLUS CREATIVE, reminded my class to go after what we want, while Andrew Norman, co-founder of Hear Nebraska, challenged us never to take the “easy way out.”
  • Overcoming the elevator pitch: Although I might not have liked it at the time, I think the elevator pitch was probably the most valuable assignment in this class. Even if I never have to pitch a business idea to an investor, per se, I’m sure there will be situations in which I will have a short amount of time to make a good impression on someone.

It’s especially difficult to pinpoint something I didn’t like about this class. However, if I had to choose one downside, it probably would be the time. After already being in and out of classes for nine hours, I sometimes felt burnt out by the time night class rolled around.

Overall, though, I don’t think the class could have been much better – it made me excited about the possibility of starting my own business one day and showed me what it would take to do so.


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